Legal Remedies for Survivors: Divorce; Cohabitation; Annulments; Forced Marriage; FGM; Criminal Law

This course includes

• Marriage, Civil Partnership and property rights;
• Divorce procedure
• Cohabitation and property rights
• Annulments: Void and Voidable Marriages
• Legal Aid for survivors of abuse
• Forced Marriage; civil and criminal law
• FGM; civil and criminal law
• DV and Criminal law: Assaults, Harassment & Stalking; Controlling or Coercive Behaviour, Rape and Sexual Offences; Disclosing Private Sexual Images without Consent; Upskirting


Legal Remedies for Survivors: Domestic Abuse, Housing and Homelessness

This course includes:

. Part Six and Part Seven Housing Act 1996
• Homelessness Reduction Act 2017
• Homelessness Code of Guidance for Local Authorities 2018 updated under new Domestic Abuse Act 2021
• Location and Suitability of Accommodation
• Making a homeless Application; Five Tests of Homelessness
• Prevention and Relief Duties under the HRA 2017
• Immigration status and housing
• Women and men with no recourse to public funds
• EU cases; and EU Settlement Scheme: late applications
• Domestic Violence Rule and DDV Concession for spouse visa cases
• Duties of Social Services: Children Act 1989 and Care Act 2014
• Priority Need updated under new Domestic Abuse Act 2021
• Intentional Homelessness and Local Connection
• Homeless 16 and 17 year olds
• Case Studies

Legal Remedies for Survivors: Injunctions; Trafficking; Children Law

This course includes:

• Injunctions: Non-Molestation Orders and Occupation Orders; how to apply and procedure; harassment injunctions;
• Case study: Completing an Application for an Injunction;
• Trafficking and Modern Slavery Act 2015; National Referral Mechanism
• Children and Families Act 2014:
• Parental Responsibility
• Court proceedings for Children law; Legal Aid
• Child Arrangements Orders; Prohibited Steps Orders; Specific Issue Orders
• Role of Cafcass
• The Welfare Check-List Exercise; Findings of Fact hearings
• Case Studies

New Domestic Abuse Act 2021

A comprehensive half day course covering all aspects of the Domestic Abuse Act 2021 including:

• New statutory definition of domestic abuse
• Domestic Abuse Protection Notice and Domestic Abuse Protection Order
• Prohibition on perpetrators of abuse from cross-examining their victims in person in the civil and family
• Special measures in the criminal, civil and family courts
• Clarification of the ‘rough sex defence’
• Extraterritorial jurisdiction o
• Polygraph testing of high risk perpetrators
• Clare’s law placed on a statutory footing.
• A new duty on tier 1 Local Authorities re domestic abuse safe accommodation.
• Automatic ‘priority need’ for survivors of domestic abuse
• Secure lifetime tenancy granted by local authorities
• Restrictions on GPs from charging victims for a letter to support an application for legal aid.
• Three new criminal offences: ‘Non-fatal strangulation or suffocation’; threats to share intimate images, and extension to the crime of ‘controlling or coercive behaviour’ to post-separation abuse.